Obama’s audacious anti-Semitism

The Obama administration’s spiteful, anti-Semitic parting shot at Israel is an outrage. By abstaining from last Friday’s UN security council vote, they essentially went along with that morally bankrupt organization’s condemnation of all Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. These areas just happen to be two regions where Jews lived for thousands of years before an Arab set foot in Palestine! (The very notion of some historic “Palestinian” people is a 20th century fabrication.)
As John Zmirak writing at The Stream explains in his aptly-named post “Drive the UN into the sea” ~

Those regions were captured from Jordan in one of Israel’s many wars of self-defense against genocide. They have never belonged to any Palestinian state, because one has never existed. Jordan doesn’t want them back. In a series of agreements, Israel has accepted that most of those conquered regions would form the basis of a Palestinian state, if it ever felt safe in granting one.

Dr. Michael Brown has it exactly right in his latest video ~




Kerry Takes a Parting Shot at Israel in Middle East Speech ~
The Daily Signal recaps what was the secretary’s final (thank God!) sermon today ~

The 70-minute long lamentation amounted to a passionate defense of his own failed diplomatic efforts to renew Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. […]
Kerry failed to mention that when Israel did freeze settlement expansion for 10 months during the Obama administration’s first term, no progress was made on peace negotiations because the Palestinians ruled out any concessions.
Moreover, settlements can be dismantled if necessary to reach a peace agreement.
Israel removed all of its settlers in Gaza and turned over the territory to the Palestinian Authority in 2005. The move backfired when Hamas staged a bloody coup to expel the Palestinian Authority in 2007 and transformed Gaza into a terrorist base for destroying Israel.
As long as Hamas retains a stranglehold on Gaza, there is no realistic chance for a stable Israeli-Palestinian peace. Yet rather than focus on defeating Hamas militants who reject peace negotiations and even Israel’s right to exist, the Obama administration has chosen to chastise Israel at the U.N. […]

At a time when Russia and Iran are slaughtering thousands of civilians in Syria and ISIS continues to inflict carnage, it is unseemly that the Obama administration has gone out of its way to censure, isolate, and undermine Israel, a longtime ally.
Kerry’s speech is one more reminder that the Obama administration, even in its waning days, remains much more concerned about engaging adversaries than it is about alienating allies.
Its self-righteous tendency to lecture and berate friends while accommodating adversaries, such as Iran and Cuba, is a major reason that its foreign policy has been such a disaster.

Here’s a small dose of reality for our witless secretary of state, and other deluded leftists ~

Obama is now to the LEFT of Islamists on Israel [VIDEO – from Daniel Horowitz]
Mark Levin: Kerry’s outrageous, deceitful speech caps off Obama’s diabolical betrayal of Israel ~

He distorted history, cherry-picked facts, selectively used quotes by other political figures, gave a completely dishonest portrayal of Israeli society and policies, omitted endless examples of Israeli restraint in the face of endless examples of Palestinian terrorism and threats of war by surrounding regimes, and on and on. Not once did he bother to provide the full pre-1967 history of the region, including the Palestinian involvement with the Nazis; moreover, not a word about the PLO, the 1967 war, the 1973 war, etc.

U.N. issues more UNreal resolutions ~ The unbelievably lopsided treatment of Israel as the UN has been going on for years. Time to defund and depart that immoral institution – as Senator Cruz has now called for, along with Allan Dershowitz: Defund the U.N. of American Dollars ~

“Forty resolutions this year against Israel, four against the entire rest of the world at a time when Syria is imploding when Russia took over the Crimea,” he said. “So many violations of human rights are occurring in the world. Forty resolution against Israel, only four against the rest of the world. That shows you something about the bias of that UN building.”

Obama’s Barbaric UN Resolution; Report: he’s cooking up another one P. David Hornik at FrontPage Mag explains how completely egregious UN Security Council Resolution 2334, really is, and how things might get even worse ~

All decent Americans should be repelled by President Obama’s exploitation of the final weeks of his presidency to wage a vindictive war against a democratic ally.

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