Are you failing to prepare – for the grasshopper mob? recently published an interesting and very instructive article called “Grasshopper Nation.” Easily recognizable to those of us over a certain age, the title references the old parable of the grasshopper and the ants.
While the industrious ants spend all spring, summer and fall preparing for the winter, the grasshopper fritters away the months playing his fiddle. When the snow comes the grasshopper comes begging for food and shelter but the ants turn him away. Mean ants :(
Of course in the Disney version the ants are much more charitable and take the poor hapless hopper in. But that’s the magical world of Disney. The moral of the original fable – and the article’s inference – is that it’s actually virtuous and rewarding to work hard and plan for the future. (Self-evident wisdom if followed.)


Well worth reading the entire post, the article’s primary focus is to help you – in the event of a widespread civil meltdown – prepare for those who failed to prepare.
These days despite national discord, worldwide unrest and growing economic instability, most Americans seem content to bury their heads in the sand and pretend all is well. They have no clue how rapidly the civil society can disintegrate.
This classic episode from the Twilight Zone illustrates how wrongheaded their wishful-thinking approach is. As Peak Prosperity puts it, it perfectly captures the jettisoning of social mores in the face of unexpected crisis ~


[Couldn’t embed this one. Click on the above image to watch.]

Filmed during the Cold War, this short episode captivatingly dramatizes how quickly our social fabric can rip apart when unexpected threats arise. Specifically, it shows how the unprepared are likely to turn to — and then, on — those who did take precautions:
It’s worth taking the time to watch the video. It really hits home the importance of having extra supplies on hand for the inevitable ‘unprepareds’ banging on your door should a disaster arrive.
And it raises the critical questions:
• Of the people in your life, which ones will you put aside reserve resources for?
• How much are you willing to put aside for them?
• And, what are your limits? At what point will you say “no”?

Already a “prepper?” Read “Grasshopper Nation.” for help with the answers to these and other concerns.
Not yet prepping? You might want to seriously reconsider that option.

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