Saturday Shorts – 11-14-15


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

26 Police Injured In Clashes With Migrants At Calais ~ This was just five days before the Paris attacks ~

“In all honesty we just don’t know what the solution is to this crisis. There are 6,000 people living in this camp. We will do our job and do it with courage but the officers are very downbeat. They have 26 injured colleagues.” […]
Although clashes between police and migrants are a regular occurrence in Calais, Sunday night’s clashes were far worse than normal and are provoking fears that situation may deteriorate further.

How many more immigrants are they planning to welcome into France?

And what about the U.S.?
FBI Has Nearly 1,000 Active ISIS Probes Inside U.S. ~ Just a matter of time before Islamists attack here like they did last night in Paris?
Soros aids invasion of Christian Europe by Muslim refugees, says Hungary prime minister ~ I imagine the evil puppet-master is cackling with delight today.
20 Of My All Time Favorite Pieces Of Hate Mail ~ Just a reminder from John Hawkins at Townhall of how truly effective the progressive propaganda has been when it comes to creating mobs of mindlessly, angry drones.

Fiery Christian apologist draws standing room only crowd at campus appearance ~ Pleasantly surprised that Frank Turek was actually allowed to speak and not protested off the University of Michigan campus, which is typically a huge reality-free zone.

Export-Import Bank Rescued by Speaker Paul Ryan’s Highway Bill ~ Looks like it’s full speed ahead for RINO Ryan (Liberty Score with Conservative Review a big fat “F”); corporate welfare – another big victory for K-Street – another screw-job for the taxpayers This bill will…

… preemptively undermine the next Republican president from his ability to make substantial reforms to our inefficient federal transportation system.

Thanks Paul.

The Rise of Big Pot ~ Some inconvenient truths reveal the greedy intent behind the marijuana pushers

The Sacrifice of the Wicked… Germany and the West ~ More and more today’s headlines point to the rapid emergence of a world-wide ruling class. These power-hungry elitists seem indifferent to any appeals for sanity and moderation from the unwashed masses ~

I think that our Western Leaders are Nihilistic, they hate their own nations and have a sick kind of death wish. They have rejected the Sacrifice of Jesus and the Christian culture which it bequeathed, but now they are willing to sacrifice millions of their citizens toothed[sic] gods, such as the demonic Allah.

To: Scarlett Johansson, Sexing Up The Bible Won’t Defeat Christianity ~ Apparently Miss Scarlett will be reading portions of the Bible in a “porn voice” for an upcoming comedy album (from “Saturday Night Live” writer Mike O’Brien). Hans Fiene at the Federalist exposes her wacky worldview ~

Those who rejoice to belong to a fellowship that transcends space and time, tribes and cultures, and unites heaven and earth together won’t trade a life overflowing with eternal meaning for a life of sexual libertinism that epitomizes meaninglessness.

I’m encouraged to see that Alan Dershowitz, an old-school liberal, is starting to make more and more sense lately ~
1.) Dershowitz: Doctors Without Borders Really Is ‘Doctors Without Morals’ ~

International law experts are blasting Doctors Without Borders for forcibly removing civilian patients from the aid group’s Kunduz, Afghanistan, hospital and replacing them with wounded Taliban fighters when the city fell to the rebel control in late September […]
The removal of civilian patients for soldiers violates a number of long-held provisions of the Geneva Convention and International Humanitarian Law. Both internationally-sanctioned protocols require that administrators to protect non-combatants who are patients at medical clinics and hospitals in war zones.

2.) Dershowitz: ‘The Fog of Fascism Is Descending Quickly Over Many American Universities’ ~

“These are the same people who claim they are seeking diversity. The last thing many of these students want is real diversity, diversity of ideas. They may want superficial diversity, diversity of gender, diversity of color, but they don’t want diversity of ideas.”

Too bad Dershowitz’s fellow libs haven’t come to their senses…
Dems search for fountain of youth ~ Clinton, Sanders, Warren – not to mention Pelosi, Reid, Biden – the Geriatric Party! Unfortunately in the Dem’s case, age ≠ wisdom.

One Of The Country’s Biggest Urban Farms Will Be Built In Detroit ~ Sometimes there’s actually good news from the Motor City :) ~

Detroit’s urban farming possibilities aren’t a secret; there is nowhere else in the country with an infrastructure as big as Detroit’s that contains so much city-owned or delinquent land. Farmers are stepping in from all over the place; the planners behind one project hope to eventually create the world’s largest urban farm. But Detroit’s mayor just found announced an even newer and bigger project: a $15 million, 60-acre urban farm.


Mass. woman wins fight to wear colander in driver’s license by citing ‘pastafarian’ religion ~ Just when you think things can’t get much crazier…

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