Will Europeans finally wake up and vanquish “Eurabia”?

In the wake of last week’s Jihadist violence in France, will the Netherlands – and the rest of Europe – at last listen to Geert Wilders and put an end to “Islamization” on that continent?

Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament and leader of the Party for Freedom, (FrontPage Mag publishes his occasional columns) has been tirelessly defending Western values and pointing out the failure of multiculturalism for years. His courageous opposition to the Muslim “invasion” of Europe has garnered legal persecution, as well as multiple death threats (from of course, the Religion-of-Peace); forcing him to live with 24/7 security.
Wilders spoke to Parliament earlier this week…

“Never say that you were not warned!”

Video via Gates of Vienna which also posted a full transcript of Wilders’ speech



Rotterdam’s mayor tells Muslims to pack their bags and go if they don’t like freedom ~ Wow. At least one Dutch Muslim seems to agree with Wilders ~

“It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom. But if you do not like freedom, in Heaven’s name pack your bag and leave,” he said.
“There may be a place in the world where you can be yourself,” he continued. “Be honest with yourself and do not go and kill innocent journalists. And if you do not like it here because humorists you do not like make a newspaper, may I then say you can —- off.”
~ Ahmed Aboutaleb, Labour politician & former government minister

[Uh-oh. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was currently arranging for round-the-clock security himself…]

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