Saturday Shorts – 5-24-14


Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Veterans Administration Kills Softly While Other Agencies Arm To The Teeth ~ How tragically ironic that this scandal has come to light so close to Memorial Day.
The War on America’s Military Veterans, Waged with SWAT Teams, Surveillance and Neglect ~ What a disgrace.

NC Restaurant With “No Weapons” Sign Robbed at Gunpoint ~ Well duh. Criminals may be sociopathic, but they aren’t stupid. Which is why most gun crimes occur in gun-free zones.

Mainstream media don’t know Big Green has deeper pockets than Big Oil ~ Energy producers are often demonized by the Left, but the real money is on the climate alarmist side. In fact, I think global warming is caused by government funding! ~

Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman: “The federal government is currently spending $2.6 billion [per year] on climate change research (and only those who support the ‘carbon dioxide is a pollutant/major greenhouse gas’ receive funding).”

Did Obama take a pay cut like he promised? ~ Oddly enough, the White House won’t say. On just this one issue, imagine if Bush had pulled something like this. The mainstream media would be having a feeding frenzy!

Maryland’s New Show and Tell ~ The fallout from the relentless assault on traditional marriage has only begun. Now government schools will be teaching kindergarteners that homosexual behavior isn’t a sin, with no regard to their parents’ faith or belief ~

Like the ripples created when a rock is dropped in a pond, the ripples created by the redefinition of marriage will reach far into society. That’s important for every American to understand, but especially libertarians who have yet to recognize that their “live and let live” mentality cannot work if our goal is to preserve liberty.

Missionary died thinking he was a failure; 84 years later thriving churches found hidden in the jungle ~ What an awesome story. Although we might not live long enough to see the fruits of our labors, we mustn’t stop striving to do our best. You may never know which of the seeds you sow will grow and flourish, so don’t stop planting.

Carry the Load ~ Here’s how one group is honoring the service and sacrifice of our military this month. Restoring the true meaning of Memorial Day.

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