Campus Thought Conformity

Traditional academics are the last thing most students are getting from college these days. In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, they aren’t exactly learning much of anything. They’re being indoctrinated, effectively intimidated into mindlessly accepting the current incarnation of the Progressive worldview.
Here, from Phyllis Schlafly, are some of the politically-correct doctrines that are being pounded into the malleable minds of today’s college students ~

Everything is political. All academic subjects must be seen through the prism of gender and race oppression, including history, literature, social relationships, and even private conversation. Most students encounter this immediately in their freshman English class. The writings of the DWEMs (Dead White European Males) have been censored out and replaced with Oppression Studies: writings by third-rate authors who whine about America’s oppressive society.
Victimology. Every group is entitled to claim minority status as victims except white males and Christians.
Multiculturalism. That’s a code word for the false notion that Western Civilization is bad and every other group, whether civilized or not, is superior.
Radical feminism. The entire world must be seen as one big conspiracy against women, and all men are guilty, both individually and as a group. Joking about this doctrine is not permitted; several colleges have even banned jokes. At Arizona State University, drama professor Jared Sakren was fired for producing Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew; Shakespeare is not Politically Correct.
Affirmative action. Reverse discrimination in admissions, grading, and employment for groups that proclaim their status as “victims” is not only mandatory, it is non-debatable.
Anything goes sexually. Having sex with anybody, anytime, is OK and may not be criticized. Dating is out; “hooking up” is in. The social acceptance of pre-marital and homosexual sex and activism is non-debatable. [Perversion is the new norm.]
Tolerance. That’s a code word meaning tolerance for Politically Correct views, but not for the Politically Incorrect. Tolerance requires conformity to P.C. views, and hundreds of colleges have speech codes.
Christianity is Politically Incorrect. In some colleges, students are not permitted to turn in papers that identify historic dates as B.C. (Before Christ) or A.D. (Anno Domini), but must use B.C.E. (Before the Common Era) and C.E. (Common Era).

Parents of college kids be warned. If you can no longer communicate with Junior on any meaningful level after he graduates from an institute of higher “learning,” it’s because his capacity for critical thinking and discernment has been significantly diminished. Serious deprogramming may be required.
Princeton University freshman takes exception to “check your privilege” ~ Fed up with multi-culti intimidation, Tal Fortgang offers a personal history lesson. Apparently today’s average college student needs to be taught to stop judging others by their skin color.
The Catholic Dormitory ~ A welcome new website created by Catholic college students with a love of the classics, for fellowship, edification and inspiration. Indoctrination innoculation. :)

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