Ukraine’s Tentative Peace

What’s really going on in Ukraine?
Well, based on all the various media reports I’ve seen, this video seems to be a fairly accurate representation of complexities of the movement known as Euro Maidan and the lead-up to the violence and tragic deaths of last week. It’s an honest and objective look at what was a very volatile situation ~

Recent developments are very encouraging. Accusing President Yanukovych of massive human rights violations and abandonment of his duties, the Ukrainian Parliament unanimously voted to impeach him. And ~

In one of the greatest political reversals of all-time, Yanukovych was stopped leaving Ukraine on a Donetsk tarmac while his imprisoned rival, Yulia Tymoshenko (below), was set free from prison by parliament and whisked to a waiting crowd of more than 100,000 people on Kyiv’s Independence Square who listened attentively to the ex-prime minister.

The biggest unknown now is: what will Vladimir Putin do in response to what is plainly a defiant rejection of Russian involvement in Ukrainian affairs (Yanukovych was essentially a Moscow puppet) by the majority of Ukrainians? The future is still uncertain as Reuters reports ~

“We all know Putin likes to meddle,” said Alexei Tsitulski, a 25-year-old protester from the Crimea. The region used to be Russian territory and was given to Ukraine in 1953 by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, who was from Ukraine.
“If he decides to try to take over regions like Crimea or anywhere else in the east, we’ll go there to fight. We’re not going to let Ukraine be split.”
Such comments, echoed by other protesters, underline how high the stakes are as Putin looks for ways to save face in the geopolitical struggle over Ukraine that had appeared to be going his way until the past week.

And then there’s the gas…

[Hat-tip: Bobo]

Although happily, the pundit quoted in this Zero Hedge post turned out to be 100% incorrect in his predictions thus far.
The best and latest news about the unrest in Ukraine has come from Kiev Post.
Ukraine’s priests provide protest inspiration, key link to pre-Soviet era ~ The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has been a critical source of support for Euro Maidan.

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