An Irish take on the Immigration Issue

The Senate is still peddling the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform debacle (latest addition: Hoeven-Corker border security amendment). And the longer this goes on, the more the whole process is looking like a repeat of the Affordable Care Act jam-through; impractical, unaffordable, unfair, unpopular – and purely political.

Here’s Jonathon Dunne of Young Patriots with his take on the woefully misguided legislation. Dunne, who’s Irish, is on our legal immigration waiting list. He understands more than 90% of native born Americans about the Constitution – and how our Republic is supposed to work.

[Note – While video production may be a bit lackluster, the message is anything but :) ]

Dunne explains some of the specific problems with this bloated bill ~
• little or no mention of deportation – even for criminals (HSA is given sweeping latitude);

• no time frames/dates to prevent a continuous flow of new illegals in the future;

• enforcement provisions (which should be the primary focus of this entire debate) are conveniently ignored;

• “Sounds-good” provisions; payment of back-taxes and learning to speak English, are cost-prohibitive and virtually impossible to enforce (Also, if the law is enacted, lefties will claim these requirements are discriminatory – or some such foolishness – and just ignore them)

Enforcement is really the key to this whole issue. And since the feds refuse to enforce current law, enacting more legislation is really just a joke.
Scratch that. Passing the Gang of Eight’s bill is highly offensive to immigrants like Dunne who are trying to come here legally. And it’s a flagrant betrayal of law-abiding American citizens – we the people – who follow the rules.
Repackaged Amnesty Bill Allows Napolitano to Nix Border Fence ~ Why even keep up the pretense of a border anymore?!

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