“Fiscal Cliff” Huh?

Isn’t it odd that a majority of Americans are suddenly hearing the term fiscal cliff for the first time – just barely a week after the election? Sadly though, many are still clueless about the implications:

Even for those who kind of “get it,” it’s rather like the asteroid in the movie Armageddon – as if this massive financial crisis suddenly appeared overnight with absolutely no warning. Like we didn’t hit the 16 trillion debt mark some seven weeks ago; driven to the brink by profligate spending on both sides of the political aisle.
But hey, if the network news ignores it, it’s just not happening.
And of course, fed nothing but pablum laced with lies by the Leftists in D.C. and the media, all most of the ignorant can do, in the face of our looming economic disaster, is regurgitate the same tired line: “it’s all Bush’s fault.”
Unable to understand free market economics, or to learn from the mistakes of others, soon we’ll be following the entitled masses across the Atlantic onto the dustheap of history: Anti-austerity protests across Europe turn violent.
The Europeans opted for big bloated nanny governments years ago – and now the nanny is broke.
“Forward” indeed.

Don’t send this link to a Leftie drone ➡ The Coming Financial Disaster – the shocking reality would probably be more than they can handle.

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