Saturday Shorts – 9-22-12

Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Expert: “Jesus’s Wife” Fragment a Modern Forgery ~
No, O ye of little faith, Christ wasn’t married.
A year of consequences ~ Since the repeal last summer, “Don’t ask; don’t tell” has morphed into “Shut up or get out.”
Paul Hair was correct when he wrote this courageous article last summer about what is essentially a “repeal of morality”: A soldier speaks: why repealing ‘Don’t Ask’ is wrong. Ultimately the repeal will adversely affect morale, military readiness and the mental and physical health of our troops. But then wasn’t a weakened U.S. military one of the Left’s goals all along?
Cheating at Harvard ~ Eric Metaxas on the importance of being honest with ourselves. “Virtue isn’t what you do when nothing is at stake: It’s what you do when doing the right thing comes at a cost, whether large or small.”
America Working ~ Here’s a site I recently discovered that offers a well-done video presentation detailing what’s gone wrong with our country and what we must do to save it.
This is our last stand for freedom. We must come together as Americans and take back our land and government or the damage that will be done will be irreversible.
What won’t Tina Brown do for attention? Outrage over Newsweek’s ‘Muslim rage’ cover ~ Newsweek has been reliably left-leaning for more than a decade, propbably one of the reasons it’s been teetering on the verge of insolvency. In recent months though they’ve actually published a couple gusty cover stories; “Barack Obama America’s ‘First Gay President,” “Hit the Road, Barack,” and this week’s feature on the worldwide Muslim protests.
But the publication is learning a tough lesson: when you step off the Leftist reservation and venture into the realm of truth – watch out!
What’s a “Squirrel?” The MSM’s latest destraction strategy. Michelle Malkin explains with ~ Romney’s “secret video” and the Dem politics of “Squirrel!”


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