Criminalizing Free Speech

It’s a scenario that could have come straight from the imagination of George Orwell. Yesterday, federal authorities marched in for “questioning,” the Southern California filmmaker said to be responsible for the anti-Islam movie that’s been falsely blamed for the embassy attacks and subsequent Islamic riots.

Allegedly in violation of probation for a financial crime of some sort, did this man really need to be hauled off in the middle of the night by an intimidating cadre of police officers? Apparently so, as John Nolte at Breitbart reports;

While terrorists brutally rape and murder our Libyan ambassador and attack and burn our foreign outposts — all thanks to a president who disengaged from the region and embraced the Muslim Brotherhood — here in the United States of America, a filmmaker is being scapegoated and persecuted by our government and our media.

This is chilling stuff people.
The filmmaker has been released but he and his family have been forced to go into hiding because as Pamela Geller puts it, this is sharia enforcement in America. In essence it’s a death fatwa sanctioned by the Obama administration.
As Andrew Klavan says of the Left (and this creeping fascism), in an excellent post:

The people who booed the God of love, now rush to the defense of a hateful Allah. The people who pissed on the Christ of redemption, now bewail the hurt feelings of a damnable Islam. The people who denounced the death of civil liberties under the Patriot Act, now make rationalizations as brown-shirted cops drag a man from his home at midnight for the crime of posting a video on YouTube.

Is this still America? Aren’t you starting to wonder…?
Contempt for Your Intelligence: The Administration’s Benghazi Response ~ While being unfathomably stupid, they believe we are the idiots.

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