Saturday Shorts – 9-8-12

Random links of interest, concern or curiosity from the past week or so, that deserve at least a SHORT mention:

Media Ignores Ryan Crowds For Few Pro-Obama Protesters ~ North Carolina: Thousands line up to hear Paul Ryan speak . Media fixates solely on the seven Obama supporters who showed up to protest. Nope, no bias here.
The 29 Ugliest Charts In The World ~ World-wide economic slowdown… headed for the perfect storm? It sure ain’t pretty!
ENCODE Study Forces Evolutionists to Retract “Junk DNA” Myth ~ Science headlines this week announced the latest finding in human genetics; seems the evolutionary notion of “junk DNA” (leftovers from our evolutionary past) is incorrect. Instead, at least 80% of the human genome is, in fact, functional. Oops.
Nature quoted ENCODE Lead Coordinator Ewan Birney ~

“There are probably things that we have no idea what they’re doing and yet they’re going something important. It’s very hard to get over the density of information.” Genes can no longer be considered discreet sections of code. The data looks more like a jungle. There are “places in the genome we thought were silent and they’re teeming with life,” he said.

The Darwin crowd always assumes evolution in any research endeavor, causing them to waste valuable time and resources, and compelling them to postulate ever more far-fetched theories. If they would just push old Charlie aside and follow the science, they’d arrive at the truth so much sooner.
Condoleezza Rice’s Inspirational Remarks on School Choice ~ Posted at the Foundry by Virginia Walden Ford, one of the small group of black students to attend Little Rock Central High School in 1966, during desegregation ~

I, along with so many warriors, have fought hard for almost two decades for the children of this nation to receive a quality education. And I know, as Secretary Rice said, that “today, when I can look at your zip code and I can tell whether you’re going to get a good education, can I honestly say it does not matter where you came from, it matters where you are going? The crisis in K-12 education is a threat to the very fabric of who we are.”

My Abortion, ‘Tis of Thee ~ Daniel Greenfield is convinced that the bizarro element in the Democrat party has pushed their agenda so far to the Left that “the Party’s over.” Let’s hope so.
Auto Bailout Success? For Union Workers, Maybe ~ Numerous speakers at the DNC convention touted the auto bailout as a major success story, most memorably the unhinged, former Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm. 😯 This article at the Foundry sets the record straight.

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